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Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine

About the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine

On May 30, 1995 according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, MFA of Ukraine was established. This document defines the main objectives of the Academy:

  • postgraduate education and continuous training of the diplomatic and consular staff of the MFA of Ukraine as well as employees of other public sectors dealing with international issues;
  • conducting research in the sphere of international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy;
  • analyzing and generalizing the Ukrainian and foreign experience in the sphere of foreign policy and diplomacy, international and European legislation, protocol and consular service and other professionally related issues.

The Academy is set up in the form of state holding and is subordinated to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. It is acting in accordance with the Statute, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Regulation №779 of 20 July 1996.

Organizational structure of the Academy has been approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. The Academy is headed by Rector who is appointed and dismissed by the Foreign Minister.

The study and research process, international cooperation, publishing activities, administration and economic management are executed by three Vice-Rectors: First Vice-Rector, Vice-Rector in charge of research projects and international cooperation and Vice-Rector in charge of administration and economic management.

Effective management and coordination of the Academy's activities is provided by:

  • Supervisory Board
  • Academic Board
  • Scientific Publishing Committee
  • Specialized Academic Board on Awarding PhD Degrees
  • Post-Graduate Course
  • Hence study program and research at the Academy are realized by five departments:
  • Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Department
  • Diplomatic and Consular Service Department
  • European and Euro-Atlantic Policy Department
  • Global and Regional Systems Department
  • Foreign languages Department

In 2002, in order to plan and organize the continuous training of the MFA employees, the Academy established the Professional Development Center for Diplomats.

Another structural unit of the Academy is the Courses of Foreign Languages intended to meet the demand of the MFA of Ukraine for the continuous language training of its staff and officials and vocational training of the diplomatic service staff and other institutions by strengthening, expanding and updating their professional knowledge, skills in learning foreign languages.

In 2006, the Diplomatic Academy set up the Foreign Policy Research Institute which functions as a part of the Academy and whose main objective is to enhance the Academy's research capacity in international relations, foreign policy and diplomacy.

The Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as an educational institution of postgraduate studies which provides a Master of Foreign Policy Degree. Tuition at the Academy lasts 24 months. During this period students submit two research papers: the course paper after completing the first year of study; the Master's thesis after completing the two-year program. By completing each study year all students are to pass an internship at the MFA of Ukraine.

According to the circular letter of the MFA of Ukraine of 09 February 2010 № 201/020-917/1-211 on recruitment of students for study at the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine at the MFA of Ukraine in the 2010/2011 academic year further conditionality of career growth of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ukraine’s employees is linked to the training at the Diplomatic Academy.

The Academy trainees get a profound general and practical training in history, theory and practice of diplomacy, foreign policy, international relations, European and Euro-Atlantic issues, geopolitical development of the countries belonging to the major regions of the world. Apart from professionally-oriented subjects, all students take a two-year course in two foreign languages and familiarize themselves with modern information technology.

Teaching staff consists of about 60 highly qualified professionals: academicians, professors, associate professors, famous diplomats and lawyers.

The main purpose of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine in the sphere of international relations is to establish and develop mutually beneficial cooperation with the leading universities and research centers of foreign countries. To share the experience on training of personnel the Academy has signed long-term bilateral Memorandums on cooperation with 27 diplomatic institutions which provide mutual exchanges of teaching plans, scientific literature, conducting joint scientific conferences, exchange of teachers and students. The Academy is an active member of the diplomatic network of educational institutions of the Central European Initiative and a member of the International Association of Heads of Diplomatic Institutions.

On May 30, 2010 DAU celebrates the 15th anniversary of its activities. In this regard, the Academy plans a number of important scientific and educational activities, in particular:

  • On April 21, 2010 – All-Ukrainian conference «Professional Training in International Relations, Foreign Policy and Diplomacy in Ukraine: Challenges, Experience and Prospects» with publishing a collection of materials of the participants;
  • On May 22, 2010 — Open Door Day for future students and their parents;
  • May 2010 — Opening of the Museum of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine;
  • May 2010 — presentation of the jubilee 15th edition of Scientific Bulletin of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine.

For fifteen years of its activity the Academy has prepared over 600 qualified professionals who have become a decent addition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government bodies of Ukraine. The Academy also provides vocational training for citizens of foreign countries, including the GUAM member states.

The Academy today is a modern higher educational establishment on training and development specialists in the field of foreign relations. It continues to increase its capacity with confidence and fulfills important state tasks in accordance with the approved on October 29, 2007 decision of the Board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Conception of Development of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine for 2008-2012.